Bridge Assessment & Condition Surveys

The first signs of cracking and rust staining can serve as an early warning that deterioration of a reinforced concrete structure is about to take hold. Testall provide specialist knowledge coupled with appropriate technology to identify if a structure is suffering deterioration. We offer a complete investigation package using non-destructive and invasive testing techniques backed with a full laboratory testing service.

Listed below are a range of testing we provide for our clients:

  • Alkali-silica reaction investigation
  • Boroscope surveys
  • Covermeter surveys
  • Half-Cell Potential surveys
  • Resistivity surveys
  • Ferroscan survey
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Tapping surveys
  • Depth of Carbonation
  • Pull Out / Pull Off testing
  • Chlorides / Cement content
  • Tensile Strength of steel
  • Structural Diamond Coring
  • Visual Inspections